LMS Weekly Update: April 24 – 28

This is a double weekly update for the LMS Project for the week of April 17th – 21st and 24th – 28th. For a break down of this weeks time please refer to the Time Card (17-21) and Time Card (24-28).

I first need to acknowledge the fact that this is the LMS Project’s first Weekly Update. I am doubling up this week and the previous week and completely skipping the week before last (three weeks ago) since that week was spent setting up this website and doing other general work. You can take a look at this Time Card (10-14) if you are really curious to see what I did.

My preliminary research and surveying of LMS’s has been extremely successful. Of the four milestones I have set for April I have successfully completed two with minimal alterations. Below are the milestones I have completed with the alterations noted:

  • Conduct an online survey and in person interviews with faculty and students to determine what each person would expect from a LMS that they are expected to use daily for their school assignments.
  • Meet with department chairs to discuss the findings of my surveys and [conduct] interviews to determine if there is still features missing that would be beneficial to have from an administrator’s perspective.

The survey results were actually added to my Senior Project Proposal so you can refer to the bottom of that post if you wish to see the data. Below I have the raw interview results which are slightly obfuscated and an analysed interview result that documents what the LMS should accomplish.

Expand Transcribed Interview Document
Expand Analysed Interview Document

Now if you double check my Senior Project Proposal you will see that I am technically behind on work since there are two more milestones scheduled for April. However since these milestones will only take up a day of work they are not really an issue and I am considering myself on schedule still.

Expand Raw Interview Document

I will release the raw interview report as well as the actual names of the Department Chairs five years from the original posting date of this post. Until then this section is just a bookmark to remind me to actually do that.

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