LMS Weekly Update: May 15 – 19

I did it again. This is another double weekly update for the LMS Project for the week of May 8th – 12th and 15th – 20th. For a break down of this weeks time please refer to the Time Card (15-20) and last weeks Time Card (8-12).

The past two weeks I took a less business minded approach to the LMS project and switched over to 100% programmer. Naturally this approach comes with pro’s which this update is primarily about but it also comes with con’s which this update will spend very little time discussing. A major pro for me is that there is a lot of show and tell this week so start things off I have included this collapsed section that visually demonstrates my mindset these past two weeks.

Expand Distraction

Because my business (professional) cap is on again I at least put this is a collapsible section.

On a serious note the user interface (UI) design is coming along great and the default Hive LMS theme is starting to unfold. Well there will be many more tweaks to the user interface to come the style and coloring side of things have had their direction locked in. Here is a little sneak peek demoing the navigation from the installer:

One note I will make is that the Logo is already in the process of being re-designed and has been out sourced to Fiverr. It’s important to me that everything especially the branding look professional. You’ll notice how difficult it is to make out the logo when its sized down for use in the footer.

Moving on to another topic I have made major progress on the login system and more notably for me the unique id hashing algorithm. For now and possibly forever the code and explanation of my process will be hidden to members of the BYUI Mentors group only. If you can not see the content inside the following collapsible section it means you have not been added to the BYUI Mentors group:

Expand BYUI Mentors Special Update

Now for a rapid fire update on other accomplishments:

  • I have obtained a free student version of GitHub Pro meaning I can now get my code up in a private repo.
  • Not easily noticeable in the UI image but the font has been determined for the application.
  • I have come to a consensus about a portion of the applications file structure and themes are being integrated.
To Date Report
Hours: 49.95

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