LMS Weekly Update: June 5 – 16

This is a double weekly update for the LMS Project for the weeks of June 5th – 9t and June  12th – 16th. For a break down of time please refer to the Time Card (5-9) and Time Card (12-16).

The last two weeks have been a blur! There has been another redesign of the error manager now referred to as notifications and a lot of work fixing bugs and carrying out testing. You can have a look at one of my bugs that turned out not to be a bug in my article Hive LMS: Solving bugs I didn’t know I had! if your curious to see what my debugging process has been like. The rest of the time has been spent on expanding Hive’s installer which included a little bit of database work as well as improving my inline documentation.

Since I’m actually finishing this update on the 11th of July you should probably refer to the latest master branch of Hive (link below if you have access to see it) or check out my latest update.

To Date Report
Hours: 91.61

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