LMS Weekly Update: May 1 – 5

This is a weekly update for the LMS Project for the week of May1st – 5th. For a break down of this weeks time please refer to the Time Card.

Well this week was light on work because of other obligations I had to attend to I did catch up on my April milestones. Below is the Master Feature List I will be working towards when development starts on the LMS:

Expand Master Feature Document

These features are not listed by order of importance and some will not be completed for the alpha demonstration of the LMS. Core features that are needed to effectively qualify the software as an LMS will take priority over other features during development but the goal is to add as many features as possible. Which features will make it into the alpha version depends mostly on the amount of time it will cost the project to implement an alpha testable version of the feature.

Moving forward I have decided that the LMS should be called Hive LMS. Hive stands for a place in which people are busily occupied but also stands for a beehive where bees work together towards a common goal. An LMS just like any piece of software is a collaborative effort where developer and end user work together to accomplish this common goal. In the case of an LMS we all are aiming to inspire innovation and creativity. As a developer my goal is to provide the tools that educators and organizations will use to inspire, educate, and grow their students or users and it is important that it encourages and does not limit creativity on any front.

To Date Report
Hours: 31.55

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