LMS Weekly Update: May 29 – June 2

This is a weekly update for the LMS Project for the week of May 29th – June 2nd. For a break down of this weeks time please refer to the Time Card.

This past week has been very productive for the Hive LMS project. The file structure is solidifying more each day and a system has been established to ensure that Hive will remain modular and easily built upon by future developers. I talked briefly about this compiling system in last weeks update as well as released the PHP function for the compiler to the BYUI Mentors group for review. For those that are members of the BYUI Mentors group you can now follow all code progress on Hive’s private GitHub page; link is displaying below if your a BYUI Mentor.

Since this week was primarily spent in programming except for a study of URLs you should visit the GitHub repository and go through the files in the lib directory. Most changes have been made to the lib/php directory.

To Date Report
Hours: 71.34

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