LMS Weekly Update: May 22 – 26

June Fools! If that was a thing I’m totally pulling it off. I was going to provide another double update this week for missing last week but then I decided why not catch up a day before the next update is due? It was just a lucky coincidence that it happened to be the first of the month. For a break down of this weeks time please refer to the Time Card (22-26).

Since I showed a sneak peek into the User Interface (UI) last week I think this week it would be good to focus on the code base. One of the biggest accomplishments I made was establishing a system for easily combining scripts into one file. In websites I have developed in the past I have followed the practice of separating CSS, JavaScript, and various other file types into their own directories and then eventually manually combining them into their respective single files for the website to use. Using a PHP compiler script I wrote I can now easily combine and eventually minify all of these files automatically. This allows not only me but developers looking to expand the features of Hive to easily drop in their own functions and scripts. Below is the structure I’ve decided on for the scripts. Each script is separated by the language type it belongs to and is compiled into single files when you call the compiler:

In the case of JavaScript and jQuery the compiler will grab everything from both directories and put everything into a single file higher up in the directory called scripts.js. Below in the first collapsible section is the PHP code that handles the compiling of files and what follows in the other collapsible sections are functions that I worked on this week. Again as was mentioned in previous posts you must be a member of the BYUI Mentors group to see the code examples since they currently are still proprietary.

Expand PHP Compiler Code
Expand JavaScript Form Manager
Expand JavaScript Send Form
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Hours: 61.23

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